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Guided Meditation

Natural Bodhi Seed Meditation Bracelet

Natural Bodhi Seed Meditation Bracelet

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This elegant natural Bodhi seed meditation bracelet is completed with a cylindrical bead engraved with the six syllables of the mantra of great compassion and wisdom. It closes with a black pearl to slip into the Jingang knot, the typical Tibetan knot.

Buddhists show a deep respect for the seeds of Bodhi, because they come from the tree under which Buddha, still called Siddhartha Gautama at that time, would have found enlightenment. As a result, their harvest is only done when they fall from the tree without ever being torn from their base.

Moreover, the Bodhi seed never deforms, and it is so exceptional, both its hardness and its solidity that it has no equal. This makes it an ideal material for many confections such as jewelry. However, to preserve their good quality and their undeniable beauty, it is recommended to avoid putting these seeds in contact with water which could degrade their appearance, their shine, and even make them swell.

This Natural Bodhi Seed Meditation Bracelet will be suitable for everyone, both men and women, and will be an indisputable tribute that you will allocate to Buddha. Adopt yours now by clicking on “Add to cart”.

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