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Unisex Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Bodhi seeds

Unisex Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Bodhi seeds

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This very beautiful unisex Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet is a stunning design made up of polished Bodhi seeds at the ends and hand-braided rope. Although simple, this bracelet deploys great elegance. For couples, it can easily be the representation of the love bond that unites them.

Bodhi seeds are particularly sacred for Buddhists, because they come from the tree under which Buddha, who at that time was still called Siddharta Gautama, found enlightenment. The harvesting of these seeds is never done by uprooting the seeds, which would be an affront. You have to wait for them to fall from the tree on their own.
The other interest of Bodhi seeds in jewelry making is that this seed does not deform, even over time. It is extremely hard, which makes it exceptionally strong. On the other hand, to ensure their beauty and their durability, it is not recommended to put the Bodhi seeds in prolonged contact with water which could degrade their appearance, but also their shine. They could also swell.

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