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Unisex double row Buddha bracelets in natural stones

Unisex double row Buddha bracelets in natural stones

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These unisex double row Buddha Bracelets in natural stones will only bring you benefits in addition to being very charming and elegant. The stones have been carefully chosen for the qualities of their properties and assembled on a high-density stretch support. They are alternated by delicately engraved pearls as well as by a head with the effigy of Buddha.

Tiger's Eye is positioned among the most protective stones since it acts as a shield against negative energies that it reflects like a mirror without interfering with positive energies. This stone balances yin and yang to promote inner stability. It helps to fight anxiety and anxieties as well as all forms of agitation and depression.

Lava Stone is a stone of reconstruction that encourages joy and supports to improve the control of emotions to lead to apprehend events or situations with more serenity and positivity.

The blue Turquoise which encourages romance and tenderness is the stone of lovers and couples in general by fighting shyness. It improves inventive expression and amplifies creativity, as well as personal fulfillment to lead to good self-esteem.

Howlite, also called White Turquoise, encourages appeasement and calm in order to better channel anger.

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