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Guided Meditation

Bracelet "Abundance and Prosperity" in Citrine, Pyrite and Jade

Bracelet "Abundance and Prosperity" in Citrine, Pyrite and Jade

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- Original design created by Guided Meditation
- Only available on Guided Meditation
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver
- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual

This very beautiful Bracelet "Abundance & Prosperity" engraved Guided Meditation is made from natural semi-precious stones with a size of 8 mm and selected for their high quality in Citrine from Brazil, Pyrite from China and Jade from Burma to which we have has chosen to complete them with a cylindrical 925 silver bead engraved for you in the name of our brand. The final rendering is truly successful and terribly elegant.

Regarding stones and their different properties, Citrine, Pyrite and Jade are stones that complement each other both in terms of their respective colors and their virtues.

This premium bracelet is composed of powerful stones of abundance

It is an invigorating stone that provides appeasement by releasing emotional toxins from both the mind and the body. It protects by acting on negative external effects without hindering the prosperity and abundance it attracts.

It is also a stone with multiple virtues that supports when decisions have to be made, especially when they are important. It allows better concentration, promotes creativity and intelligence. It stimulates good humor and strengthens inner serenity, which has the effect of countering nervousness, but also anger. It dissipates fatigue, anxiety and depression as well as the stress it reduces by strengthening the general condition.

On the physical level, Citrine has a detoxification action, strengthens the nerves and helps to improve tissue regeneration. It is also a great help to fight nausea and other vomiting, because it protects the thyroid, the digestive system, the liver, the heart as well as the sight.

on the mental level, this stone stimulates meditation and very clearly reduces nervousness by providing calm, but also the peace necessary for your inner balance. Its action will allow your intimate wisdom to develop to acquire serenity and inner harmony more easily.

On a physical level, Jade fights incontinence, cystitis and kidney stones by allowing fluids to circulate properly within your body.
Jade is also said to be a lucky stone attracting prosperity and friendship to you.

It is known to be a stone with a high iron content very useful for all people prone to anemia. It is effective in combating fatigue by reinforcing resistance, even when this fatigue is of an intellectual nature. In addition, Pyrite amplifies the intellectual dispositions, revives the memory and helps the person to acquire a better organization.

This very beautiful Bracelet "Abundance & Prosperity" engraved Guided Meditation will become your daily ally thanks to the three stones as beautiful as they are protective and which will guarantee you serenity and inner peace unfailing. Get this elegant bracelet as soon as possible by clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it now and feel all its benefits.

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