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Tibetan red copper bangle bracelet

Tibetan red copper bangle bracelet

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This Tibetan red copper bangle bracelet, 9 to 9.5 mm wide, made by hand has many surprises in store for you. Its very elegant style will dress your wrist nicely, whether you are a woman or a man. Being open, it will easily adjust to most wrists.

On its outer rim, it is engraved with 8 symbols serving as a guide and referring to Buddhist thought that you will certainly have great pleasure in remembering:

- Two Golden Fishes for spiritual abundance.
- A Lotus signifying the transformation of life into pure spirit.
- A shell in reference to the sound of the sacred way.
- A Wheel representing the silence of the soul observing the world.
- A Sacred Vase for spiritual symbolism and the seated position of the Buddha.
- An Endless Knot representing Buddha's teachings and eternity.
- A Banner symbolizing spiritual realization.
- An Umbrella or Parasol protecting the personal desire.

Regarding copper, in addition to its beautiful shimmering color, it has very interesting properties. It is anti-anaemic, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It supports in case of pain, in this case those related to osteoarthritis and joints. It promotes the absorption of vitamin C and iron.

You will love wearing this charming Tibetan red copper bangle bracelet because it will do you good and it is also very beautiful. Click "Add to Cart" to receive it without delay.

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