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"Tenderness and Union" bracelet in amazonite

"Tenderness and Union" bracelet in amazonite

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With this Amazonite Bracelet with 6mm diameter stones, you have a powerful shield that no one will suspect.

Amazonite represents Yin and femininity, it is a stone of balance with many beneficial virtues, starting with its ability to absorb the negative waves surrounding, polluting and harmful. It helps to relax, participates in improving your sleep to have healthy nights and purifies your mind to evacuate suffering, but also stress, because it balances your affective zones. Faced with certain complex situations, it helps to unblock your contained emotions to allow you to express them serenely while freeing you from any unnecessary guilt.

This stone also has the particularity of developing the imagination, increasing the creative potential. Amazonite is also the stone of the couple, because it promotes tenderness and consolidates the union by bringing the harmony essential to the happiness of lovers. On the physical aspect, Amazonite releases you from the muscular tensions that you could feel, especially with regard to the neck and the back.

This very nice Amazonite Bracelet with 6mm diameter stones will only bring you positive benefits while being superbly elegant. Wear it without delay to equip yourself with this shield with beneficial powers. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours!

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