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Glass bead bracelet

Glass bead bracelet

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This beautiful Glass Bead Bracelet is designed with different shades of green ranging from light to dark and made up of 22 beads mounted on an extendable backing to fit any wrist. The quality of these pearls has been selected for their color which perfectly reproduces those of semi-precious natural stones.

Green is generally known to be a calming color. It is the most present color in our world since it is found everywhere in nature. We see her every day. It symbolizes peace, rest and hope both physically and mentally. It is also considered a symbol of luck.

The bracelet, like other jewelry, is an accessory that completes every outfit. Well chosen, it will be the element that will perfect all styles by enhancing colors or embellishing a neckline and which will bring the desired charm.

This superb bracelet in glass beads is offered in 4 sizes of beads to allow each woman to acquire a jewel that looks like her, with which she will feel good and which can meet all personalities.

Embellish your wrist with this superb Glass bead bracelet and give a zen touch to your daily life by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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