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Bracelet in Hematites and Tiger's Eye

Bracelet in Hematites and Tiger's Eye

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This magnificent Hematite and Tiger's Eye Bracelet is a marvel of protection combined with a sublime aesthetic effect.

Hematite and Tiger's Eye coordinate perfectly to produce a truly beautiful piece of jewelry. Beyond the aesthetic effect, the Hematite, by its color and its brilliance gives a very chic rendering, mixing class with elegance. This stone helps maintain vitality by purifying, toning and fortifying the body. It helps facilitate the absorption of iron, strengthens the blood and improves wound healing.

On a mental level, it is an effective stone for improving resistance strength, increasing tone and vitality. It also increases willpower, courage and repels surrounding negative energies. As for Tiger's Eye, it is a deeply protective stone acting as a real rampart to keep all negative and harmful energies as well as bad vibes at bay. In addition, it keeps the good energies present in you to protect you.
As a result, Hematite and Tiger's Eye complement each other perfectly, both for their properties and for the visual rendering they generate when combined.

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