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Guided Meditation

“Calm and Serenity” Bracelet in Dalmatian Jasper

“Calm and Serenity” Bracelet in Dalmatian Jasper

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This superb "Calm and Serenity" Bracelet in Dalmatian Jasper, with "Lotus", "Buddha" or "Om" Charm is made of high quality semi-precious natural stones.

Dalmatian Jasper is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies to protect those who wear it. It is a stone that promotes energy movements as well as the yin and Yang present in all beings in order to improve the general balance. Dalmatian Jasper promotes courage, develops thinking, improves imagination and creativity while providing calm and serenity. This stone is ideal to help with reflection in the face of decisions to be made, because it allows you to assess situations calmly so as not to give in to decisions in haste. It is also soothing and calming in the face of situations that could generate stress. Jasper is also interesting in meditation, because it helps to acquire better concentration by bringing the desired inner peace.

Associated with the "Buddha" charm to feel guided towards well-being and inner peace, the "Lotus Flower" which symbolizes patience, purity and fulfillment, or the "Om" symbol representing the vibrational sound at the origin of the world and generating undeniable benefits.

This very beautiful "Calm and Serenity" Bracelet in Dalmatian Jasper will be your daily companion to preserve your well-being. Click "Add to Cart" now to receive it quickly.

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