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Bracelet in natural red Carnelian

Bracelet in natural red Carnelian

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Taille des perles

This superb bracelet in natural red carnelian is available in 6 sizes of beads from 4 mm to 14 mm to satisfy all desires. What makes the depth of the color of red Carnelian are the hematite inclusions that compose it. If exposed to strong sunlight long enough, it will darken even more naturally.

Red Carnelian is a stone whose properties that act in specific areas are as effective for women as for men. For the former, this stone reduces the inconvenience associated with menstruation and helps improve fertility. While for men, it improves sexual potency by stimulating it.

Generally speaking, red carnelian repels doubts, erases jealousies, soothes anger and keeps negative thoughts away from the person who wears it. It also increases strength, develops courage and improves concentration and the ability to memorize. For meditation enthusiasts, it is a particularly helpful stone.

This very beautiful bracelet in natural red Carnelian will be flamboyant on your wrist while offering you the beneficial benefits attributed to it on a daily basis. To get it ASAP, click "Add to Cart" now.

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