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"Reconstruction" bracelet in wood, Lava Stones and Moonstone

"Reconstruction" bracelet in wood, Lava Stones and Moonstone

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When the nobility of wood is combined with the beauty of Lava Stones with multiple beneficial properties for our bodies, this gives this type of "reconstruction" bracelet in wood, Lava Stones and Moon Stone that is resolutely classy. Its design was made with 8mm beads.

The Lava Stone, by its beneficial, benefactor and positive effects on our organisms, is defined by lithotherapists as being the stone of reconstruction. It helps to surpass oneself, particularly during the difficulties that one is led to encounter, it promotes taking a step back to manage to apprehend situations more serenely. On a mental and emotional level, Lava Stone provides relief in times of tension by offering the ability to control emotions and better manage anger.

When it has, the moonstone will act on the emotional side, the creative imagination, the world of the soul and the unconscious, the world of dreams and the night, the feminine, motherhood; by helping the feminine polarity (yin) to assert itself in the total being.

By offering you this very beautiful "reconstruction" bracelet in wood, Lava Stones and Moonstone, you are sure to adorn your wrist with a jewel of great elegance with the added bonus of the positive benefits of these particular stones, but exceptional events on a daily basis. By clicking on "Add to cart" now, you will receive your superb bracelet that you will wear with great pride.

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