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Natural Jasper Stone Holographic Bracelet

Natural Jasper Stone Holographic Bracelet

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This magnificent holographic bracelet in natural Jasper stone is entirely handcrafted with the most conscientious care required for such an achievement. The semi-precious natural pearls are assembled on a high quality stretchable support so that you can fully enjoy this exceptional jewel for a very long time. This holographic bracelet will harmoniously match your daily outfits with its charming colors.

Jasper helps people to better understand events, even difficult or painful ones, by developing the necessary courage to allow them to act with more lucidity and hindsight. By its properties, it encourages inner calm by bringing its benefits directly to the chakras. It also supports people who wear it to help them refocus better.

In addition to the undeniable benefits it will make you enjoy every moment of your daily life, this magnificent holographic Bracelet in natural Jasper stone is absolutely elegant. The central stone surrounded by gilding brings an additional very chic effect.

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