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Blue jasper cuff bracelet on leather

Blue jasper cuff bracelet on leather

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This Blue Jasper Cuff Bracelet on Leather is a creation made entirely by hand by conscientious craftsmen with 6 mm natural Jasper stones carefully selected for their great qualities, visual and soothing by their color on the one hand, and truly beneficial by their properties, on the other hand.

The pearls are assembled and encased on genuine leather in two rows. Its closure is done in three possible positions and by means of a very pretty button engraved in a color matching the pearls so that you can obtain a perfect fit on your wrist.

As much by color as by its virtues, Blue Jasper is a stone that encourages calm, thus allowing you to center or refocus serenely. It also develops the courage to apprehend difficult situations and act, or react, in a more peaceful way. The positive benefits of Jasper are also found on all the different chakras on which it directs its beneficial actions.

This very beautiful Cuff bracelet in blue Jasper on leather will satisfy you on a daily basis while being a very pleasant jewel to wear. Click as soon as possible on "Add to cart" to receive it.

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