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Bracelet in faceted natural Hematite

Bracelet in faceted natural Hematite

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Grace is truly in order for this very beautiful bracelet in faceted natural Hematite which has nothing to envy to the other jewels of its range! It will be perfectly in place whether on a female wrist or on a male wrist.

The Hematite beads that compose it have been faceted, which gives them an exceptional rendering and gives the jewel a surplus of elegance. The set has been mounted on a double black leather cord to be in perfect coordination with the stones. It closes with a sliding knot, making it totally adjustable to the size of your wrist.

Hematite is a particularly invigorating, purifying and fortifying stone. It is recommended for people who need these qualities to promote blood and improve iron absorption. By its invigorating and revitalizing effects, it increases the strength of resistance, increases the will and increases the courage. Hematite also hunts negative energies.

Because it combines class with delicacy while being resolutely protective, this magnificent bracelet in faceted natural Hematite is necessarily made for you. Adopt it quickly by clicking without delay on "Add to basket".

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