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Cuff bracelet in natural Jasper on leather

Cuff bracelet in natural Jasper on leather

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This kind of cuff bracelet in natural Jasper on leather always produces a very elegant effect whatever the dress you associate with it.

It is made with semi-precious natural stones cut in the shape of a stick and polished with care. They are assembled on a light beige genuine leather support. Which gives the whole, between the beauty of the stones and the nobility of the leather, a jewel of great elegance.

Jasper, very often worn by shamans, is a very beautiful stone with renowned properties, hence its recognition as a stone of anchoring, healing and protection in its own right. It helps to acquire or maintain inner stability and protects against negative energies. It helps to fight against stress, anxieties, fears and anxiety by soothing physically, emotionally and mentally. It helps to clear the mind to promote meditation and supports the chakras to allow them to find harmony and balance.

This superb cuff bracelet in natural Jasper on leather closed by a pretty button in two possible positions will promote your stability and your inner well-being, order it now by clicking on "Add to basket".

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