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"Regeneration" bracelet in blue gray natural Labradorite stones

"Regeneration" bracelet in blue gray natural Labradorite stones

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This pretty Bracelet "Regeneration" in natural Labradorite stones blue gray is made with 8 mm beads assembled on a high quality support. Meticulous care has been taken in the selection of stones to design this beautiful jewel.

In addition to their natural beauty produced by the reflections that make them special, these stones have significant protective properties. Its reputation in the world of lithotherapy places it among the most beneficial and effective.

Labradorite is a reassuring stone, but also a regenerating one that fights both intellectual and physical fatigue. It absorbs harmful energies in order to dissolve them to protect you from their effects, it is therefore a powerful shield against the various evils that you may encounter. It rebalances your vital force and soothes the wounds of the aura.

As it is very powerful, acting truly in depth and giving its wearer its full potential, over time it ends up cracking or tarnishing. This is a normal reaction that suggests she has exhausted her full potential. Nevertheless, it will still remain a very beautiful stone.

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