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Elegance bracelet in natural Rhodonite

Elegance bracelet in natural Rhodonite

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This remarkable elegance bracelet in natural Rhodonite is made with cut pearls of two different shapes, interspersed with golden pearls, and judiciously assembled to give this jewel a real appeal. It is completed with a charm made up of three small beads in colors coordinated with the stones of the bracelet.

Rhodonite is an ancient stone that the Romans and Greeks considered protective for its virtues and already wore it in ancient times. Rhodonite is a soothing stone acting against stress and anxieties. It is linked to the heart, as often are pink-colored stones, and is therefore ideal for couples or lovers. It is beneficial in relationships because it provides peace while promoting trust. In times of heartbreak or breakup, Rhodonite supports to better fight and support the grief related to the situation.

For women with a romantic soul or blue flower, but also for all those who like to look beautiful without extravagance, this elegance bracelet in natural Rhodonite is the one that is absolutely missing in your jewelry box. Order it now by clicking "Add to Cart".

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