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Stretch bracelet in natural stones and charm

Stretch bracelet in natural stones and charm

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This stretch bracelet in natural stones and Tree of life charm will only do you good while being a very pretty jewel!

The stone of the sun, or heliolite, is described by lithotherapists as being a warm stone promoting inner balance and whose properties are fortifying and invigorating. It acts against emotional blockages while strengthening the nervous system as well as the heart to relieve them of stress and daily tensions. It encourages joy and good humor to reduce gloom and counter sorrows and depression. It encourages self-confidence, promotes positive feelings and empathy towards others.

Tiger's Eye is a protective shield fighting against negative energies while preserving positive energies. It balances yin and yang, promotes concentration and the elevation of consciousness. It fights anxiety and depression as well as fears and anxieties. Obsidian is also a powerful protector against harmful external influences and negative energies. It also fights like the previous one against anxiety and helps to better manage stress.

Labradorite, on the other hand, absorbs negative energies which it then dissolves. It soothes the wounds of the aura and when feeling insecure. It fights anxiety and supports the vital force while rebalancing it.

The Tree of Life, symbol of the unbreakable link between earth and sky, represents strength, longevity and rebirth.

This Stretch bracelet in natural stones and Tree of life charm will offer you the most beautiful and safest protection. Click "Add to Cart" to receive yours now.Tree of Life

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