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Guided Meditation

Moonstone bracelet on braided cord

Moonstone bracelet on braided cord

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This Moonstone Bracelet on Braided Cord is entirely handmade, including the cord. The Moonstone is surrounded by a crystal bead and a silver bead on each side. The strands of the cord are held by a silver ring allowing a perfect fit as well as a small medal stamped "sterling silver 925".

The exploitation of Moonstone has its origin in India and Sri Lanka, but deposits also exist in other regions of the world such as Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, or Burma, Tanzania as well as in the USA.

This milky white stone lets out very beautiful reflections which make its reputation, but it is also an interesting stone concerning its properties, because it acts on the emotional level of the person who wears it. It helps in the development of intuition and tenderness, improves maternal love by increasing gentleness and tolerance as well as calming overly excessive temperaments.

This very beautiful Moonstone bracelet on braided cord is placed between elegance, charm and discretion to offer you an absolutely unique jewel. To receive it without delay, click on "Add to cart" now.

Features :
Length: adjustable 16 to 24cm
Stone: Moonstone
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

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