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Protective "Om" and Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Protective "Om" and Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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This superb "Om" and Tiger's Eye Protective Bracelet concentrates the well-being generated by the "Om", which is the vibratory sound at the origin of the world and which is taken from the most famous and recited of mantras, with the recognized stone. among the most protective.

Indeed, the Tiger's Eye is in itself a real shield that fights against the waves and the negative energies that surround you while preserving the positive energies.

This stone balances the yin and yang with which everyone is endowed. It soothes to eliminate fears by generating inner calm. It effectively fights against anxiety, depression or even restlessness. It helps to maintain better concentration and develop intuition.

By wearing this superb "Om" and Tiger's eye protective bracelet, you guarantee yourself significant benefits that will only be beneficial in your daily life.

Because doing good comes from where you don't always expect it, that's what this very beautiful "Om" and Tiger's Eye Protective Bracelet has in store for you, whose beneficial properties will not fail to surprise you. Click Add to Cart now to receive yours ASAP.

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