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Faceted Natural Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet

Faceted Natural Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet

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This very pretty stretch bracelet in faceted natural Rhodonite is extremely elegant. It will not fail to marry with all your outfits without false note by adorning your wrist perfectly, both during the day to go to work and in the evening during your outings, and even on vacation or during your leisure time.

Rhodonite has the reputation of being a soothing semi-precious stone, quite old, because it was already very popular with the Greeks and Romans, who wore it regularly from the ancient period, and who saw in it a real treasure in terms of protection for the contribution provided by its properties and its virtues.

This stone helps to overcome anxieties and fears while being a sure reinforcement to achieve better control of stress by channeling it positively. As it is a stone related to the heart chakra, as pink-colored stones generally are, it boosts trust in others and promotes peace in unions or relationships. As a result, it is particularly recommended for lovers or couples to maintain a certain serenity. However, in the case of love breakups, heartaches or conflicts within the couple, it proves to be of great support in helping to pass this painful course, to overcome the pains and sorrows generated by the situation. .

Rhodonite is a stone with undeniable charm due to its multiple colors, but always nicely coordinated with each other. To give even more refinement to the Rhodonite pearls and enhance them even more, they have been interspersed with small white pearls. The set has been mounted on a high-density stretch support to ensure great durability for your bracelet while producing a jewel of very good quality. This charming stretch bracelet in faceted natural Rhodonite is entirely handcrafted with the greatest care by seasoned craftsmen. The 8 mm diameter stones have been cut to give them this faceted shape, which gives them an extraordinary look.

Whether you are a blue flower and romantic or not at all, but you are delighted to wear pretty jewelry, this magnificent stretch bracelet in faceted natural Rhodonite and its superb colors is then made for you! It will undoubtedly complete your collection of bracelets. Get it quickly by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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