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Guided Meditation

Red Multilayer Sandalwood Meditation Bracelet

Red Multilayer Sandalwood Meditation Bracelet

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This Red multilayer Sandalwood Meditation Bracelet with particularly neat finishes is made up of 216 5 mm beads. This type of bracelet is commonly worn by Buddhist monks who traditionally use it as a support during their meditation sessions which require great concentration.

Sandalwood comes from a tree native to Asia. It has a place of choice in traditional Chinese medicine, because it would have real health benefits. In aromatherapy, it is used a lot for its therapeutic virtues, including its antibacterial properties, in particular.

It is the contact of Sandalwood on the skin that provides relaxing and soothing effects to fight against stress, anxiety and all forms of anxiety. This highly prized wood is also superbly aesthetic and perfectly light to wear while maintaining great strength.

Beyond these beneficial principles, this beautiful Red Multi-Layer Sandalwood Meditation Bracelet will look great on your wrist while pairing perfectly with most of your everyday attire.

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