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Bracelet "Stability and Protection" in natural stones of Sea Jasper

Bracelet "Stability and Protection" in natural stones of Sea Jasper

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This "Stability and Protection" Bracelet in natural stones of Sea Jasper is a jewel elaborated in an absolutely exceptional ethnic style that you will be proud to wear!

This Bracelet inspired by the cuff type is a superb creation made by hand and made on 3 rows of semi-precious natural Jasper stones judiciously assembled on genuine leather cords. The Jasper stones selected are of superior quality and their colors have been skilfully coordinated to give a result that is as precious as it is remarkable. This stone, known and exploited since ancient times for its therapeutic virtues, has the particularity of being a stone of stability which provides protection against negative energies. It fights stress to bring inner peace and clear the mind. By its powerful healing properties, but also anchoring, it is effective in balancing and harmonizing the chakras. It is very useful for meditation, so it is often worn by shamans who consider it a sacred stone.

Adopting this "Stability and Protection" Bracelet in natural Sea Jasper stones will help you get rid of daily stress, anxieties of all kinds as well as various fears by bringing you the necessary appeasement. Click "Add to Cart" to get it quickly.

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