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Shamballa bracelet in Lapis Lazuli and African Jasper

Shamballa bracelet in Lapis Lazuli and African Jasper

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This Shamballa Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli and African Jasper is a very pretty jewel to wear on any occasion! Available in two sizes, it is designed to suit ladies as well as gents. An excellent idea to display the bond that unites lovers!

And since it is made of quality semi-precious stones with particularly interesting and effective properties, it can only be beneficial to all those who wear it.

Regarding Lapis Lazuli, it promotes dialogue by developing frankness and repartee to lead people into more fulfilled communications. It increases creativity by stimulating the imagination, but also intuition. It removes anxieties and other fears, fights the various blockages, even those related to the emotional.

On the physical level, Lapis Lazuli restricts the breakage of nails and hair by fighting against their fragility, reduces water retention, strengthens blood circulation. It is also effective in combating many pains such as sore throats or coughs, headaches and other pains even when nervous.

Concerning the African Jasper, it would be the stone of the evolution which would help to apprehend the change by accepting it more easily. It generates inner balance which leads to a more serene and optimistic vision of existence while promoting self-confidence.

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