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Guided Meditation

Aura Quartz “Spiritual Energy” Bracelet

Aura Quartz “Spiritual Energy” Bracelet

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- Original design created by Guided Meditation
- Only available on Guided Meditation
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver
- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual

This magnificent "Spiritual Energy" Bracelet stamped Guided Meditation in Quartz Aura will surprise you with its metallic reflections.

And as this bracelet deserves to be pampered to give you an exceptional piece of jewelry, we have equipped it with 8 mm aura Quartz beads from Brazil and a cylindrical 925 silver bead. mounted on a high resistance stretchable support so that your bracelet can follow you as long as possible. It is available in two sizes to be worn by both ladies and gentlemen without distinction.

This premium bracelet is made of powerful stones

Aura Quartz is a natural quartz that has been overlaid with gold and slightly heated to raise its vibrational rate allowing its wearer to connect to the realm of the ancients, through its very high spiritual frequency energy.

Aura Quartz is a pure modern creation in a concept fusing the powers of synergy and alchemy to electrostatically unite minerals with crystals. The Aura Quartz, although resulting from this technology, nevertheless remains endowed with particularly effective and useful properties for us. It stimulates our body vibrations to raise those of our chakras and at the same time allow the transformation of the soul.

In a more down to earth way, the Quartz aura is linked to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, but it does not make any difference with the others whose energies it activates. This stone increases spiritual harmony and promotes the transmission of messages to the spiritual world. As it is a stone whose vibrations are high, it will be useful to purify the aura in order to drive out the negative zones.

The Quartz aura encourages communication, especially sincere communication. It helps clairvoyance to develop as well as clairaudience. It will be effective in meditation to bring deep peace in this moment, as it increases concentration to gain clarity of mind. It stimulates the possibility of being able to communicate with beings outside our dimension, such as angels or an entity on the astral plane, for example.

This amazing stone has the power to decrease stress and reduce aggression. On the physical level, Quartz aura has the particularity of strengthening the immune system as well as the thymus, this organ which is located in the upper part of the thorax.

This superb "Spiritual Energy" Bracelet stamped Guided Meditation in Quartz Aura will protect you from any possible psychic and psychological aggression, thus preventing any potential intrusion. In case of successful penetration, these intrusions will be immediately converted into pure energy which will be used to save the source of the intrusion. This Quartz also has the ability to deter parasitic and malicious energies from entering your energy field.

You like to pass this magnificent "Spiritual Energy" Bracelet stamped Guided Meditation in Aura Quartz with surprising reflections around your wrist. You will enjoy feeling its benefits that it will provide to your inner being. You will be delighted to see your inner beauty shine naturally, but also to see that you are attracting wealth and success. So, do not hesitate to order it by clicking on "Add to basket" to receive it now.

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