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Waxed rope and natural Labradorite bracelet

Waxed rope and natural Labradorite bracelet

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Couleur bracelet

This superb bracelet in waxed cord and natural Labradorite is defined as a friendship bracelet. It is handmade in a nicely ethnic style.

Labradorite is an excellent stone of protection. As a result, it is widely used by natural medicine therapists. It absorbs harmful energies and then dissolves them in order to protect the person who wears it. It is a regenerating and stimulating stone that fights both physical and intellectual fatigue. It also acts on the emotional level by calming certain moral and psychological wounds while bringing a rebalancing of the vital force necessary for daily life.

This stone has the particularity of making no concessions on the powers it offers its wearer and protects it until its potential is exhausted. As soon as its color becomes pale or when it cracks, it is that it has given all the benefits of which it was capable. It will no longer have its properties, nevertheless it will remain beautiful. It will be necessary to acquire another to find this same protective action. However, as his potential is very great, it will take him a long time before these powers run out.

Think protection and friendship with this Waxed Rope and Natural Labradorite Bracelet to protect yourself or your loved one by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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