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Guided Meditation

Buddhist Mala in wood and Tagua Nuts

Buddhist Mala in wood and Tagua Nuts

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This Buddhist Mala in wood and Tagua Nut is absolutely beautiful and made with perfectly natural materials. It will produce a very zen and undeniable natural effect. It is made up of 108 pearls in total as tradition dictates and Tagua nut pendants carved entirely by hand.

The Phytelephas is a tree from tropical America that produces the Tagua nut used in the making of objects, figurines and jewelry like this mala. This tree was then introduced in Africa as well as in other countries. Its fruit, once harvested, is emptied of its substance which gives it an exceptional hardness allowing it to be worked. It is always worked by hand so as not to cause it to deteriorate.

Like all malas, this Buddhist Mala made of wood and Tagua Nuts consists of 108 beads. This number symbolizes the 108 names of Buddha for Buddhists, while for yoga practitioners it represents the 108 postures of the discipline. In any case, it is an excellent concentration support for meditation and the recitation of mantras, or prayers.

In order to keep it on you, it is worn like a jewel wrapped around the wrist or as a necklace around the neck. Make this Tagua Nut and Wood Buddhist Mala your favorite piece of jewelry by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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