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Guided Meditation

Buddhist Open Ring

Buddhist Open Ring

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This intricately designed Buddhist open ring showcases enchanting engravings on both its inner and outer sides. Adorned with a mantra consisting of six syllables, it symbolizes the virtues of compassion and wisdom. Additionally, it possesses a Sutra hidden within its core. In Buddhism, the term "Sutra" refers to textual teachings of Buddha employed for meditation and prayers.

Embracing a purely Tibetan influence, the creation of this Buddhist open ring marries its exquisite design with the profound values of Buddhism. By wearing it daily, it will serve as a guiding force in your life, fostering luck and blessing. Suitable for both men and women, its adjustable nature ensures a perfect fit on any finger. Moreover, its Zen-like essence will effortlessly complement your everyday outfits.

Carry this Buddhist open ring at all times, and it will proudly exemplify your commitment to the principles it embodies. Besides acting as a talisman for your well-being and inner peace, it will offer protection against all adversities that may cross your path. Waste no time and click on "Add to cart" to promptly receive this remarkable piece.

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