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Guided Meditation

Buddhist lucky bell carved in brass

Buddhist lucky bell carved in brass

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This very beautiful Buddhist Bell of Luck sculpted in brass, in addition to the decorative spirit it brings to any interior, is also an object with strong symbolism. By hitting it with its knocker, the sound generated through the room would bring serenity, ward off negative energies and other harmful waves. This sound is also very popular with meditation enthusiasts, as it encourages concentration and good thoughts to promote this practice.

The representation of dragons on the body of the bell as well as the support arm is a particularly powerful symbol of luck, success, wisdom and prosperity in Asian culture. By placing your Brass Carved Buddhist Lucky Bell in the room that is most important to you, it will act as a real lucky charm while promoting good energies each time you hit it with its knocker.

You can never have too much happiness or too much luck, and this very beautiful Buddhist Bell of Luck sculpted in brass will be your ally at all times to clarify your future and your destiny. Click on "Add to cart" as soon as possible to receive yours and take advantage of its beneficial powers.

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