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Dangling earrings in faceted Amethysts

Dangling earrings in faceted Amethysts

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These magnificent faceted Amethyst dangling earrings measure approximately 3 cm. The stone is mounted on a silver brass hook support, easy to put on and take off. They are entirely handmade. These Loops will frame your face with great elegance and finesse. Amethyst has powerful protective properties that help improve your well-being. It soothes nervous tension, fights stress and soothes in case of anger, because it comes to clarify the mind to achieve more rational and sensible reflections. It is beneficial against afflictions and other sadnesses, calms anxieties and allows people subject to disturbances or hypersensitivity to find a certain tranquility.

It is also a bountiful stone for the intellect, as it urges better focus to enhance creativity. It is said that it is the stone par excellence for artists who use their minds to create their works, whether they are musicians or painters, writers or sculptors.

These very beautiful dangling earrings in faceted Amethysts can be associated with other stones whose Amethyst has the power to amplify the energies as well as their properties. Do not miss this very beautiful jewel and click on "Add to cart" to wear them as soon as possible.

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