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Bunch of grapes earrings in garnet

Bunch of grapes earrings in garnet

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This adorable pair of Grape Cluster Earrings is a superbly crafted creation made of genuine garnets, with each bead measuring 3mm in diameter, mounted on a 925 silver backing. Each cluster is 18mm high. It combines charm and originality with the benefits of the properties of garnet.

Garnet has the particularity of purifying the chakras and revitalizing them. It is a regenerating and energizing stone that provides protection by promoting intimate and loving relationships. This stone also helps in surpassing oneself, improves serenity to achieve more calm, fights fatigue and strengthens vital energy. It would regulate the blood circulation and dispel the troubles of bleeding.

This very beautiful pair of bunch of grapes earrings will be easy to match with most of your outfits. It will highlight your face and you will really like to feel your curls moving in your ears with your every movement.

Take advantage of this very beautiful pair of bunch of grape earrings and all the benefits of garnet by clicking now on "Add to basket".

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