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Resin Amitabha Buddha Sculpted Figurine

Resin Amitabha Buddha Sculpted Figurine

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This superb sculpted Amitabha Buddha figurine in resin, also called Amitayus meaning "Infinite longevity", will bring a Zen touch to your interior while acting as a real lucky charm in your daily life.

Less known in the West, Amitabha Buddha is particularly venerated in Asia, and in this case in East Asia, because he expressed abundant wishes of happiness for all sentient beings. It is considered to be a real lucky charm. For followers and in Buddhist culture, Amitabha is said to be the true guardian of the Western paradise. He would allow access to it to all beings who believe in him.

Like any Buddha image, holding one of Amitabha Buddha is seen as a sacred act, a tribute and recognition for the good he spread. Evil being banished from his mind and his affect. Its very name means “Infinite Light”. You can also use it during your moments of meditation or offer it to a loved one.

Treat your space to this precious and very beautiful Resin Amitabha Buddha Sculpted Figurine with dimensions of 7.5cm x 4.5cm x 12cm by clicking "Add to Cart" right now, you will not regret a moment of the possess.

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