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Statuette with the effigy of Ganesha in ceramic

Statuette with the effigy of Ganesha in ceramic

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Ganesha is this sacred deity with the head of an elephant, very venerated and honored throughout Asia, and particularly in India. Many symbols are attributed to him, starting with wisdom, benevolence and intelligence, but also knowledge and prudence. The lower part, which is human, refers to the human being, while the upper part, including the head, refers to the divine spirit. This deity would be beneficial through the various actions granted to him. She would bring her protection and her advice to those who possess her and would chase away obstacles, especially when they are due to ignorance.

With his 4 arms, Ganesha would hold instruments allowing him to fight the forces of evil, to repel demons and to ward off troubles.

This magnificent Statuette with the effigy of Ganesha in ceramic is made in a size of 8.5 cm X 7 cm to allow you to take it everywhere with you, and the attention to detail makes this statuette a superb element of decoration. in an almost real rendering.

To obtain your Statuette with the effigy of Ganesha in ceramic, 4 colors are proposed to you in order to find its place perfectly in the heart of your interior decoration while agreeing to your own tastes. Click on "Add to cart" to receive your superb statuette as soon as possible.

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