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Natural stone geometric hair clips

Natural stone geometric hair clips

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The hairstyle holds a great importance in our daily life, because it is what is seen at first sight. As a result, you give it all the attention it deserves. These very beautiful geometric hair clips in natural stones will bring a really elegant touch and color to your hair.

What will be your preference between Pearl Amethyst for its soothing virtues, Natural Crystal for its fortifying properties, Rose Quartz which reduces anxiety and stress, Tourmaline, a stone of tranquility and appeasement which promotes positive energies, Citrine which encourages inner serenity, good humor, concentration and creativity, Peridot whose virtues support the immune system, Garnet, a true blood purifier and regulator of blood circulation, Fluorine which helps to acquire a stability, improves concentration while reducing stress and anxieties, etc.

With these superb geometric hair clips in natural stones, you will adorn your hair with beauty while enjoying the benefits of stones with widely recognized virtues. To receive the model(s) you like, click on "Add to cart" now.

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