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Natural jasper and brass earrings

Natural jasper and brass earrings

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These very beautiful earrings in natural jasper and brass combine the ethnic spirit with the colors of the 7 chakras to promote your well-being while perfecting your beauty.

The semi-precious stones have been carefully cut in the shape of a stick and polished by hand in order to obtain a beautiful regularity. Their pretty colors will frame your face with perfect aesthetics and sure elegance while bringing you the benefits associated with stones to restore balance and inner harmony.

Each color corresponds to a specific chakra on which it acts in order to restore it, if necessary, or to rebalance and harmonize it in order to restore your vital inner well-being on a daily basis. It is their imbalance that generates discomfort in general.

Regarding Jasper, it also acts on the chakras by balancing and harmonizing them thanks to its powerful healing properties. It is a stone that increases courage and brings its wearer to better center themselves. It is also a true grounding and strengthening stone. It protects against negative energies, restores inner peace and allows the mind to clear.

Amplify your beauty and enhance your well-being with these Natural Jasper and Brass Earrings by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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