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Laughing Buddha statuette in natural stone

Laughing Buddha statuette in natural stone

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This superb Statuette of the Laughing Buddha in natural stone is available in 6 versions of semi-precious stones. It's up to you to choose between Green Aventurine, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal, Tiger's Eye or Opal, whichever you prefer. Each statuette measures approximately 38mm x 38mm.

You can even make a collection to enhance your interior decoration by bringing a Zen touch to your living space. These Buddhas will find their place easily on a piece of furniture or in a pretty showcase.

The Laughing Buddha is a sacred representation in Asian culture and tradition. It symbolizes prosperity by offering its blessings while bringing happiness and luck to those who possess it. It is therefore very present in Asian homes and businesses as well as in temples dedicated to spirituality. To attract luck, it is usually placed facing the front door.

By giving you a laughing Buddha, it will promote abundance and wealth. You will also benefit from all the virtues and properties associated with the natural stone you have chosen. The laughing Buddha is a real lucky charm that you will really enjoy owning.

Adopt your Statuette of the laughing Buddha in natural stone which will be your daily companion to also attract luck to you by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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