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Guided Meditation

Mala trinity of protection 108 beads

Mala trinity of protection 108 beads

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This Mala trinity of protection 108 beads can have several uses, the first being to serve as a support for meditation or prayer by shattering the beads to the rhythm of prayers, mantras and other incantations, whether religious or not.

The number 108 is known to have different meaning depending on custom, culture or practice. Among Buddhists, this number represents the 108 names of Buddha, so it is a sacred symbol. For yoga followers, called yogis, this number refers to the 108 postures in their discipline, so this is also an essential reference for these practitioners.

This 108 Beads Protection Trinity Mala is made up of 8mm Onyx, Turquoise and Tiger's Eye beads. It is completed with a transparent crystal bead and a black silk tassel at its end, the whole for a length of 96 cm.

Apart from all customs or practices, the mala is also worn as jewelry, either as a necklace around the neck or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist.

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