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Guided Meditation

Mala 108 beads "self-confidence" in Black Onyx

Mala 108 beads "self-confidence" in Black Onyx

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This Mala 108 pearls "self-confidence" in black Onyx is a very beautiful creation which will always produce a superb effect whether you wear it as a multi-turn bracelet or as a necklace.

More than a jewel, the mala is an indisputable meditation support that promotes concentration, especially during meditation sessions. From Buddhists to yogis, this accessory is an almost indispensable element in their respective practice. Each shelled bead corresponds to a recited mantra. Aside from spirituality, this mala is a very beautiful jewel that marks elegance with confidence.

As for the Black Onyx, it is a very powerful stone that strengthens control and self-confidence, significantly improves nervous functions and strengthens your resistance. It is particularly effective in helping to better manage stress. A real stimulant, Black Onyx makes it possible to face difficulties in order to better understand and manage them. In association with Tiger's Eye, it is an undoubtedly powerful shield that repels harmful energies.

This superb Mala 108 beads "self-confidence" in Black Onyx, available in 7 models to satisfy everyone, will suit both women and men and will undoubtedly be your daily protector while being lovely. Click on "Add to cart" to receive your mala as soon as possible.

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