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"Immunity" Mala in Blue Tourmaline

"Immunity" Mala in Blue Tourmaline

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This superb "immunity" Mala in blue Tourmaline and zinc alloy is equipped with a high security clasp. It is also made up of Buddha heads and an elegant elephant pendant. The latter is considered to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity in Asian culture, especially when it is represented with the trunk raised. For Buddhists, the elephant is a sacred animal for its wisdom and strength of virtues. It is a cautious, benevolent and extremely intelligent animal.

Blue Tourmaline is a stone with multiple virtues and beneficial effects for both body and mind. It participates in strengthening the immune system, protects the throat, the larynx and the respiratory system in general. It calms burns while activating healing. It is a useful aid in language disorders.
On a mental and emotional or psychic level, Blue Tourmaline promotes inspiration, develops tolerance, fights sadness, dispels inhibitions and promotes spirituality.

This magnificent Blue Tourmaline “Immunity” Mala is not only benefactor but also displays extreme elegance. It will delight you every day with its beauty, qualities and beneficial properties. Quickly click on "Add to cart" to buy it now.

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