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Tibetan mala bracelet in malachite stones 108 beads

Tibetan mala bracelet in malachite stones 108 beads

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This superb Tibetan mala bracelet in malachite stones consists of 6 mm beads with 108 beads as tradition dictates. It can be worn as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist or as a necklace.

108 corresponds to the number of yoga postures for some and to the 108 names of Buddha according to his followers.

Malachite is a deep green stone which gives it all its charm. But its actions and its benefits are numerous. It is said to be a stone of endurance and resistance. It absorbs negative energies without altering positive energies.

The first users of malachite were the Egyptians who would have considered it a true protector of motherhood and associated it with the hippopotamus goddess, Thouéris. While the Greeks used it as protective elements protecting against injuries. Antioxidant and detoxifying properties, but also helps to fight against insomnia, various pains.

Nowadays, this stone defends the development of imagination, concentration, especially during meditation sessions. It promotes self-assurance and fights against fears and anxiety. Malachite has many other benefits both physical, mental and in more intimate areas.

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