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Guided Meditation

Mala “self-confidence” in African Turquoises

Mala “self-confidence” in African Turquoises

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What is called African Turquoise is actually a spotted Jasper stone. It is considered to be the stone of evolution. This stone encourages self-confidence while promoting the inner balance essential to good personal development. It offers an optimistic vision and helps in orientation and choosing the path to follow. It is linked to the heart chakra.

This stone finds its place perfectly in this "self-confidence" Mala in African Turquoises with lotus flower charm, effigy of Buddha, protective eye or "Om" symbol in silver or bronze version, as desired.

The Charming African Turquoises "Self-Confidence" Mala is composed of the traditional number of beads, which is 108. This number finds several meanings according to uses and cultures. For Buddhists, it refers to the 108 names of Buddha, while for yoga followers, it corresponds to the 108 postures of this discipline. In any case, the mala is a kind of rosary allowing to count the mantras, or the prayers, without disconnecting from the desired goal. It is therefore a very popular support during meditation sessions.

Nowadays, and in the West, the mala finds more and more its place as a jewel worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist. As a bracelet, it will preferably be worn on the left, the side where the positive energy receiving channel is located. All you have to do is choose yours by clicking on "Add to basket" without delay to receive it as soon as possible.

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