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Guided Meditation

“Soothing and Immunity” Mala in Amethyst

“Soothing and Immunity” Mala in Amethyst

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This superb "Soothing and Immunity" Mala in Amethyst carries in its center a bead of Buddhist architectural form, called Stupa. The Stupa is like the architectural structures present in India from which it originates and in Asia.

This "Soothing and Immunity" Mala in Amethyst is made up of 6 mm beads, the number traditionally found in malas for a length of 64 cm and 6 beads engraved with mantras. Everything has been assembled on a high-density stretch support for perfect resistance. It can be worn around the neck as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. It is intended to be both a simple jewel and an excellent support for meditation.

Regarding the stone of Amethyst, it is a semi-precious stone with very powerful properties, starting with the stimulation of creativity, the spirit that it enlightens and the concentration that it increases. This makes it the stone generally recommended for creators and artists whose imagination is the very basis of their inventive activity.

In addition, Amethyst brings appeasement in times of anxiety, worry, disturbances and/or stress. It calms sorrows, anger, hypersensitivity and nervous tension by stabilizing energies. Its other strong point is that it increases the energies of the stones carried with it.

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