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Guided Meditation

Mala in wood and tiger skin

Mala in wood and tiger skin

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This stunning Wood and Tiger Skin Mala is an absolutely extraordinary and utterly lavish design. The mala is a kind of rosary used by Buddhists who use it as a support for meditation. Each pearl is seeded to the rhythm of recited mantras (prayers). They are traditionally composed of 108 beads symbolizing the 108 names of Buddha. Yogis, followers of the practice of yoga, also use it for the same reasons, however for the latter the number 108 refers to the number of postures of their discipline.

The mala is held in the palm of the right hand, the beads are held between the index and middle fingers, the thumb is used to peel the beads by drawing them towards you as you go. We start from the pearl of the base, the largest, to come back to it once the turn is complete. You can use your wooden and tiger skin Mala to recite a mantra or a prayer, but also simply for an intention or a wish that you wish to see fulfilled for you or for a loved one. Your recitations can be done aloud, in a low voice or simply internally, therefore in silence.

To always have it with you, you can wear your Mala in wood and tiger skin around your neck or as a bracelet wrapped around your wrist. Do not hesitate to order your mala by clicking on “Add to cart”.

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