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Guided Meditation

Mala "meditation" 108 orchid beads with its charm

Mala "meditation" 108 orchid beads with its charm

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Do you dream of owning a mala too? This very beautiful "meditation" Mala 108 orchid beads with its charm is made for you!

The superb alliance of color tones from light blue to deep blue make this mala a jewel in its own right. It is accompanied by a charm to be chosen in silver or bronze version between the Lotus Flower, the "Om" symbol, the effigy of Buddha, or even The Protective Eye.

For Buddhists and yogis, the 108 beads have their own meaning. For the first, this number corresponds to the number of names of Buddha. For the latter, this number refers to the number of postures of the discipline which is theirs. For these different followers, the mala is an excellent meditation support allowing them to be in connection and perfectly concentrated during meditation sessions.

The mala therefore has various uses whether one is spiritual or not. It is particularly aesthetic worn as a jewel by embellishing all kinds of clothing where it will always be able to marry and take its place. Order your Mala "meditation" 108 orchid beads now with its charm by clicking on "Add to basket", it will become indispensable!

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