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Guided Meditation

Meditation mala in black agate beads and "Lotus Flower" charm

Meditation mala in black agate beads and "Lotus Flower" charm

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This magnificent "Lotus Flower" beaded meditation Mala is composed of 108 gray agate beads as is the Buddhist tradition. This number represents for the latter the 108 names of Buddha. While for yoga followers, that is to say yogis, 108 corresponds to the number of postures of this discipline.

During meditation, each bead is shelled to count a mantra. The mala therefore offers the particularity of repeating the mantras without losing the thread of its concentration.

In addition to its usefulness for followers and other spiritual people, the mala is increasingly rooted in fashion and is easily worn as jewelry, as a necklace or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, by both women and men. The mala also has the reputation of being an excellent repellent of negative energies.

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