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Guided Meditation

Mala from Nepal in semi-precious natural stones

Mala from Nepal in semi-precious natural stones

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This superb Mala from Nepal in semi-precious natural stones will serve as a necklace for its beauty as well as a support for your yoga or meditation sessions. It is composed of image stones, Black Onyx and faceted Turquoises of 6 mm and 8 mm according to your choice. In addition, a black Nepalese pendant with multicolored rhinestones completes the set. The 11 cm Nepalese pendant holds a multicolored tassel matching the colors of the stones.

Like all malas, it will be ideal as a meditation support for followers of this discipline since it measures between 92 cm and 110 cm. But, it will also be a superb jewel to wear on any outfit to which it will coordinate perfectly.

Onyx is a particularly protective stone that strengthens, protects and regenerates to maintain optimal inner stability, but also promotes self-control. It develops tone and offers better resistance while helping to better manage stress. It is effective in clarifying the thoughts that it directs towards more objective reflections

Turquoise is the stone of lovers, because it promotes romanticism and tenderness while fighting against shyness. To obtain a better vision of oneself, it helps to develop your personal fulfillment.

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