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Mala "Understanding and Knowledge" in Sodalite beads

Mala "Understanding and Knowledge" in Sodalite beads

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This magnificent "Understanding and Knowledge" Mala in Sodalite beads concentrates a perfect combination of blue color tones and ends with a gray tassel. The beads used in its design are 8 mm and its total length is approximately 91 cm. It is entirely assembled by hand in order to provide you with a mala of perfect quality.

Sodalite is the stone of understanding. She promotes this quality as much in regard to others as to herself. It clears the mind to lead to more logic in thinking. These multiple properties come to promote courage, improve self-control, reduce fears, preserve fidelity, stabilize emotions for people with highly developed sensitivity, because it helps to channel feelings. It is also a stone of comfort that soothes sleep when placed in a bedroom and improves concentration in times that require it.

This "Understanding and Knowledge" Mala in Sodalite beads will coordinate wonderfully with most of your outfits and will not fail to make you benefit from its many virtues on a daily basis. Do not miss this superb jewel and click now on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible.

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