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Guided Meditation

Mala 108 beads in white vegetable ivory in Tagua Nut

Mala 108 beads in white vegetable ivory in Tagua Nut

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This superb Mala 108 pearls in White Ivory in Tagua Nuts is made entirely by hand from totally natural materials and in the pure Buddhist tradition.

Tagua is originally a fruit from a tree native to tropical America called Phytelephas. This tree was then planted in other countries such as Africa. To use it, this fruit is emptied of its substance, which makes it particularly hard. It is following this treatment that it deserves the recognition of vegetable ivory. Once this hardness has been acquired, the fruit is used in various confections ranging from various objects to figurines and jewelry.

The mala is traditionally used by Buddhist monks who use it as a support for meditation and recitation of mantras during their prayers. It is always composed of 108 beads symbolizing the 108 names of Buddha. Other cultures have adopted it for the same use, because it represents an excellent support for concentration. In the West, the mala is more and more present as a simple jewel worn around the neck as a necklace or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist.

Whatever your spiritual affiliation or not, or just for your pleasure of wearing a beautiful jewel, this Mala 108 beads in White Ivory in Tagua Nut will be perfectly elegant. Click "Add to Cart" now to receive it.

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