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Guided Meditation

"Meditation" mala 108 water green beads and its charm

"Meditation" mala 108 water green beads and its charm

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Because the mala makes a superb jewel, it is increasingly borrowed from different cultures who use it as a support for meditation in order to maintain or improve the concentration necessary for discipline. Like a rosary, the beads are strung out to the rhythm of prayers and mantras until they go all the way around the mala.

This superb "meditation" Mala with 108 water green beads and its adjoining charm will also be a very beautiful piece of jewelery to wear either as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, generally the left side, where the positive energy receiving channel is located, or as a necklace. around the neck to magnify your neckline. Its color will allow you to coordinate it with most of your daily outfits by highlighting them without ever denoting.

In addition, the choice is given to you as to the adjoining charm between the symbol "Om", the Lotus Flower, the Protective Eye or the effigy of Buddha, in silver or bronze version.

Whether you are spiritual, Buddhist or not, you will love this very beautiful “meditation” Mala with 108 sea green beads and its charm. Order yours quickly by clicking on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible.

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