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Maravijaya Buddha Statue

Maravijaya Buddha Statue

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This superb Maravijaya Buddha Statue is made of resin in dimensions of 23 cm x 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm. The position of the hands of this Buddha is called: bhumisparsa-mudra. It is the right hand as well as the fingers hanging towards the ground and whose palm is placed on the Buddha.

This position of the hands indicates a message of "taking the earth to witness", proof of determination to remain in place without fearing anyone by taking the earth to witness. When not represented closed, the eyes of this Buddha are directed towards the ground as well.

Like other religions or beliefs, placing sacred effigies at home is a sign of recognition, homage or quite simply a search for zenitude. In any case, with regard to those representing a Buddha, there will always be a positive message of compassion, altruism, wisdom, and you will benefit in return from the well-being in your interior in addition to being a decoration which never fails to truly find its place.

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